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Name: SQUEEZECENTER (SqueezeCenter Media Server)

Maintainer(s): Andreas Vogel (omega), Ivica Letunic

Target: N5200

Latest version: 7.3.2 (for 7.4 and later see SQUEEZEBOXSERVER)

Depends on module(s): PERL


General Overview and Installation

This module comes as a ZIP compressed file with the name N5200_<modname>_<version>.zip, where <modname> is the module name and <version> is the version number of the module. While unpacking the ZIP file, a new directory N5200_<modname>_<version> containing the module and its source code is created.

The module file is called <modname>.mod and the source code is located in the directory <modname>. The source code is included for interested people and is not needed for module installation. The file Makefile can be used to rebuild the module on Linux systems.

With the release 7.2, version numbers were changed to correspond to the original Slim Devices/Logitech version number. Only the actual .mod file is included in the download.

The module is installed using the "System"->"Module Mgmt" menu in the Thecus Web Server Administration. Specify the file <modname>.mod as the module file and press "Install".

The whole installation process is logged and sent as an E-Mail if you're configured in the E-Mail notification configuration. After successful installation enable the module in order to run the module.

After uninstallation of the module, a log of the uninstall process will be send to the user(s) configured in the E-mail notification configuration. Prior uninstallation of the module, the actual configuration data is backed up to the place "/data/raid/module/backup/<modname>". When the module is installed again, the module configuration is restored from that place if available.

Module version 2.00.00

The SqueezeCenter Media Server is a freely available media server.

This is a short description from the SlimServer home page:

"SqueezeCenter powers the Squeezebox, Transporter and SLIMP3 network music players and is the best software to stream your music to any software MP3 player. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and more! Supported by an international team of developers, SqueezeCenter is released under the Open Source GPL license."

For further information please visit the project homepage.

Important NOTE: This modules installs SqueezeCenter version 7.0. Please note that this module depends on the PERL module so please install the PERL module before using this module.

After installation, you need to configure at least one directory where all of your media is located. Just open the admin web page for SqueezeCenter administration.

On the module property page, you can do this:

  • See a short module description.
  • There is a link to access the SqueezeCenter web administration page.

Here are some more notes on this distribution:

  • If you have SlimServer installed, you need to uninstall that first (or at least disable it). It is not valid to have SlimServer and SqueezeCenter enabled at the same time.
  • The installation of SqueezeCenter doesn't take care of any databases, plugins, settings, etc. of a previously installed SlimServer installation. If you need something of this, you need to save it manually!
  • I've added a suggestion of egd so that MySQL doesn't use /tmp as the temporary directory. Therfore I've added the statement "tmpdir = [% datadir %]" to the file MySQL/my.tt
  • This version already comes with the AlienBBC plugin (version 2.0) which seems to work reasonably.
  • The preferences, logs, playlist, etc. are now stored in system/etc/... as a default. Of course it is possible to adjust these pathes later in the configuration pages of SqueezeCenter if required.
  • A first test adding 3200 MP3 files to the database took about 6 minutes on my (old) N5200.
  • I've disabled the PERL Encode::Detect modules because of a problem with the SqueezeCenter source code. This is not a big issue at the moment as this feature is optional anyway.
  • The newest version of mplayer (version 1.0rc2) was added to this version (needed for AlienBBC anyway).
  • The startup script was changed so that there shouldn't be any problems with file permissions anymore.
  • Last but not least: I haven't had time to test everything and I'm not a user of SqueezeCenter myself. So I hope there are no big issues with this new version - but anyway, it's a new version so everything is possible.... Have fun!

Module version 2.00.01

Note: when you uninstall the old version and install this new version, your database will be destroyed too, so you need to recreate the database. The playlists and favorites should be kept though. I've no idea how to make this behaviour more user friendly, e.g. how to keep the database, etc.

This release adds some features which were missing in the initial release:

  • Added lame executable (version 3.98 beta 6)
  • Added faad executable (version 2.6.0)
  • Added ffmpeg executable (version SVN-r12642)
  • Added mac executable (Monkey Audio, version 3.99)
  • Corrected convert.conf so that ffmpeg is used instead of the (non-existant) mov123 exe
  • AlienBBC: corrected custom-convert.conf: the call for flac was wrong (a minus sign at the end was missing)
  • AlienBBC: AACplus should be now working somehow (hopefully, haven't had much time for testing)

Module version 7.2

Comment by IL: Since omega does not seem to be updating the module anymore, I made the new version. It is based on omega's latest release, and would be much harder to do without it :) Omega, if you come back and make your own version, feel free to remove all my additions to this page.

Note: As stated in the previous version, playlists and favourites should be preseved when updating. To preserve the rest of the data, you will need to backup the following directory:


After installing the new version of the module, copy your backup over the new directory BEFORE enabling the module. You shouldn't worry about this if you don't want to preserve the database and want to do a complete rescan after the upgrade.


  • Server version 7.2
  • lame upgraded to version 3.98 final
  • ffmpeg upgraded to version SVN-r15305

ffmpeg is still used in the convert.conf instead of mov123. I copied omega's AlienBBC plugin, no idea if it (still) works.

If there are any problems with the module, please let me know

Module version 7.3 (alpha)

Module was slightly re-structured, and will allow simpler upgrades to future SC versions. After installation, you can simply replace the SqueezeCenter source directory (/raid/data/module/SQUEEZECENTER/squeezecenter/) with the new version (download the tarball from SlimDevices and untar it there). I created a page on SlimDevices wiki, describing the full procedure of building the new module. Check that page for details and instructions.

Module version 7.3 (nightly 23520)

Fixed the problem with m4a files not playing. This will be the last release before 7.3 final is out.

Module version 7.3.1

Workaround implemented for m4a's not playing in certain situations. Album art size in playlists fixed. Artwork scanning should work properly.

Module version 7.3.2

No news.

Module version 7.3.3

m4a hiss problems solved. Album art thumbnails generated in correct size. Latest mplayer included (v4.1.2 current SVN).


  • <2008-03-13>: 2.00.00: First public release.
  • <2008-04-04>: 2.00.01: Some minor but very usable enhancements.
  • <2008-09-15>: 7.2: New maintainer. Upgraded to server version 7.2
  • <2008-09-23>: 7.3 (alpha): Experimental new version, with SC 7.3.
  • <2008-10-11>: 7.3 (nightly 23520): fixed m4a playback
  • <2009-01-11>: 7.3.1: first version after 7.3 official release
  • <2009-01-28>: 7.3.2: no changes


  • Version 7.3 (alpha)
  • Version 7.2
    • Release date: 2008-09-15
    • Works on firmware:
    • Does not work on firmware: <= 1.00.05
    • Download: N5200_SQUEEZECENTER_v7_2.mod (approx. 34 MB)
    • Major changes: Server version 7.2. Binaries upgraded to latest versions.

Trouble Shooting

SqueezeCenter hangs when connecting a media player to http://.../stream.mp3

I discovered this problem on an n4100pro, but I believe it would occur on any Thecus model.

You may experience the following problems/symptoms when attempting to connect iTunes, WinAmp or some other software player to an mp3 stream served by SqueezeCenter 7.3+:

  • Your client media player hangs when attempting to make the connection
  • The SqueezeCenter web interface stops responding
  • You see several of the following log messages in /raid/data/module/SQUEEZECENTER/system/etc/logs/squeezecenter.log:
[09-05-03 07:53:46.8087] Slim::Control::Request::execute (1889) Error: While trying to run function
coderef [Slim::Control::Queries::serverstatusQuery]: [Not a reference at /raid0/data/module/SQUEEZECENTE
/squeezecenter/Slim/Utils/Prefs.pm line 342.

The problem appears to be with the server.prefs file. I discovered the solution at this forum discussion.

Apparently, the default version of the server.prefs file generated by SqueezeCenter 7.3 (I was using 7.3.2) has a bug in it. To solve the issue, here are the steps I took:

  1. Installed the 7.2 module on my n4100Pro (I believe the issue should be the same for any Thecus model)
  2. Enabled that module (not sure that was necessary)
  3. Made a backup of /raid/data/module/SQUEEZECENTER/system/etc/prefs/server.prefs (I was connected to my thecus device via ssh, see: the SSHD module.)
  4. Uninstalled the 7.2 module
  5. Installed the 7.3.2 module
  6. Replaced the server.prefs file with my backed up version from 7.2
  7. Enabled the 7.3.2 module

I was able to stream to iTunes after these steps.