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Name: SQUEEZEBOXSERVER (Squeezebox Server)

Maintainer(s): Ivica Letunic <ivica@letunic.com>

Target: N5200

Latest version: 7.5.1

Depends on module(s): PERL


General Overview and Installation

This module comes as a ZIP compressed file with the name N5200_<modname>_<version>.zip, where <modname> is the module name and <version> is the version number of the module. While unpacking the ZIP file, a new directory N5200_<modname>_<version> containing the module and its source code is created.

The module file is called <modname>.mod and the source code is located in the directory <modname>. The source code is included for interested people and is not needed for module installation. The file Makefile can be used to rebuild the module on Linux systems.

This module is the successor to the SQUEEZECENTER module, created to reflect the name change on Slim Devices/Logitech side.

Only the actual .mod file is included in the download. The module is installed using the "System"->"Module Mgmt" menu in the Thecus Web Server Administration. Specify the file <modname>.mod as the module file and press "Install".

The whole installation process is logged and sent as an E-Mail if you're configured in the E-Mail notification configuration. After successful installation enable the module in order to run the module.

After uninstallation of the module, a log of the uninstall process will be send to the user(s) configured in the E-mail notification configuration. Prior uninstallation of the module, the actual configuration data is backed up to the place "/data/raid/module/backup/<modname>". When the module is installed again, the module configuration is restored from that place if available.

For more information and development history, check the old module page.

Note: The web interface will available on port 9009 by default (NOT port 9000). You can change it by editing the module.rc file after installation.

Module version 7.4

Logitech changed the name into Squeezebox Server, and this module reflects the change. There were quite a few problems which emerged with this version, and a couple of tricky to setup perl modules. Hopefully, everything will work as expected. I tested it with my library of ~25000 FLACs and everything is running smoothly.

  • parts of the cache and minimal server.prefs are included with the module, due to problems with inital activation after install
  • many new perl modules included, hopefully there will be no library clashes

Module version 7.5

No major changes to the module


  • <2009-10-01>: 7.4: initial version under the new name
  • <2009-10-27>: 7.4.1
  • <2010-03-05>: 7.4.2: Audio::Scan module updated to version 0.58
  • <2010-04-14>: 7.5: Audio::Scan module updated to version 0.62
  • <2010-04-20>: 7.5a: Updated with the correct version of 'sudo' binary
  • <2010-07-09>: 7.5.1: several Perl modules updated


  • Version 7.5.1
    • Release date: 2010-07-09
    • Works on firmware:
    • Does not work on firmware: <= 1.00.05
    • Download: from my home page